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Eyal Dadon was born in Beersheva, Israel in 1989.

At the age of 17 Dadon began his professional classical and modern dance studies at the Bat Dor Dance School in Beersheva.

Dadon joined Kamea Dance Company in 2008, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II  in 2010, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company I in 2011, IS&D in 2016, All based in Israel.

Eyal has worked with Rami Beer, Idan Sharabi, Eytan Sivak, Tamir Ginz, Or Abuav.

Dadon Choreographing his work around the world and in Israel, he is leading his own dance workshops for dance universities and companies.

His work has recieved international awards in Hannover (1st prize) and Jerusalem (3rd prize) in 2015, Bulgaria (1st prize) in 2014.

Dadon got a recognition awards for his dance performance as the - dancer of the year which contributed for the Israeli Dance and for Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in 2014 (Yair Shapira Prize). in 2008 he awarded as an outstanding promising dancer. in 2016 Dadon got invited to be the Artistic Director of the Theater " House Of Dance" Beer Sheva, there, he established SOL Dance Company, using its Artistic Director and Choreographer - www.sol-dance-company.org

Today paralel to his company, Dadon continues to work as Rehearsal Director, House Choreographer & Assistant Sound Engineer for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.


2007 - 2009

Full scholarships from the Israeli-America Culture Foundation


Awarded "Outstanding Promising Dancer"


1st Prize - Eurograde (Bulgaria) for his solo "Intro"​


Recipient of “Yair Shapira Award” for his contribution for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the dance culture in Israel


"Pishpesh" - 1st Prize "International Choreography Dance Competition Hannover", 3rd Prize in the "MASH" Choreography Dance Competition Jerusalem

September 2018 - "Orpheus" - Thalia Theater, Hamburg

August 2018 - "TOML" SOL Dance Company

July 2018 - "Sharbatz" Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

November 2017 "BON 4 BON" |Chang Dance Theater, Taipei

August 2017  "DU-K" |SOL Dance Company & BJ9CDT (Beijing) 

Febuary 2017 "Same SAME" |Stanislavsky Opera Ballet, Moscow

January 2017 "Mevakert" |Kibbutzim Seminar University, Israel

September 2016 - "SALE" | SOL Dance Company

August 2016 - "Layers" | Xie Xin Dance Theater, Shanghai

May 2016 - "Recycle" | Jerusalem Dance Theater

December 2015 - "Madame George"

November 2015 - "H'r H'r Inside" | Danceworkshop Ga'aton

December 2015 - "In the Garden" |Maslool Dance Program Tel - Aviv

April 2015 - "Human Hero" | Jerusalem Dance Theater

March 2015– "Croissant Al Ha'esh" together with Martin Harriague| Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company I

January 2015 – "Finally, Will Arrive"

December 2014 – "Will Arrive"

August 2014 – "Pishpesh" (1st Prize Hannover international Choreography Dance Competition)

January 2014 "5 and a HALF" together with Oz Mulay

- Masa Dance Program Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company:

June 2015 - "L.A.C.K"

January 2015 - "Surrendair"

June 2014 - "My Entrance"

December 2013 - "SOL"

June 2011 - "t,o tun,e" (to tune)